Kazoo Launches Sensual Clothes to Make You Look Like a True “Cheat Babe”

race of Juliet Emilia Cazuchelli is at its best, the star is placed as “Queen of Trap” And in order to conquer the entire empire, she has now launched her own clothing line consisting of various fabrics, pointing to her recent tour. “Cheating Girl”To get any product it is necessary to buy them through online store and they have home delivery.

It was through his Instagram account where he hosts more 10.6 million The medium of followers in which he announces the news and invites his fans to buy something from the clothing collection which has various models of T-shirts, bags, swimsuits and much more.

They are available online. fb/cazzu

The prevailing designs in the pattern are drawings of spiders and cobwebs, as well as a typographical feature of the project. “Cheating Girl”Name the tour that recently began in his native Argentina and will expand to Mexico, where he has more than three dates in places like Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Product prices are around $6,800 and $11,900, Argentine Peso that in Mexico and depending on the exchange rate are between $800 Peso and $1500 Mexican Peso Another shopping page is

Cazzu Product Cost

  • Ramera Skull Cazu ($8,000 Argentinian currency) / $977.51 Mexican Peso
  • Spider Cazoo Shirt ($11,900 Argentinian currency) / $1454.05 Mexican Peso
  • Sport Jefa T-Shirt ($11,900 Argentinian currency) / $1454.05 Mexican Peso
  • Cap Cazu Spider ($6,800 Argentinian currency) / $830.88 Mexican Peso
  • Crop Top Spiderweb ($7,800 Argentinian currency) / $953.07 Mexican Peso
  • Bikini Sport Nena Trampa Cazu ($10.900 Argentinian currency) / $1331.86 Mexican Peso
  • Shorts Sport Spider Caizu ($11,900 Argentinian currency) / $1454.05 Mexican Peso
  • Shoulder Bag Cazu ($6,900 Argentinian currency) / $843.10 Mexican Peso
Clothing is available. fb/cazzu

Cashew’s success

The singer has been in the public eye this 2022 since it was revealed that she is the current partner of Christian Nodal, but even before their relationship she added replicas to her projects, only on Spotify, Stool With over 6 million monthly listeners, some of his viral songs are: “harmful”“Loca”, “Nada” and “Peli-Kuleo”, to name a few.

It has tour dates. fb/cazzu

While in her official accounts, people do not miss the opportunity to express in the comments how beautiful and sensual she looks when she poses for one Photo The one that goes up, one of those who is always on time is Christian Nodal who mentions how much he loves her.

Modeled for promotion. fb/cazzu

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Kazoo Christian melts with love for Nodal and shares a picture of him kissing her in an unconventional way

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