Keep an Eye on Your Email: Emotet Redistributes Malware in Attachments

‘TA542’ cyber criminal group is distributing emails once again malware attitude, subject, file name and body of each E-mail are written in the specific language of the victims; Moreover, Spain is one of the targets of these attacks.

If you don’t know, Emotet’s distribution network is malware Which has been around for quite a few years, growing and showing no signs of ceasing its operations.

activity of malware displayed in excel form, introduces changes to the Emotet binary and contains a lightweight version of ‘IcedID Loader’. File sent contains malicious content protected by a password inside And it also includes macros that release the payload of a computer virus.

As a novelty, victims have been instructed to copy Excel into certain Microsoft Office templates. this attack technique does not require additional clicks from the userBecause it requires the transfer of the file, confirmation of the action, and administrative permissions.

It is important to mention that the return of the TA542 may be of concern, as the delivery of the IcedID loader payload Emotet Infection Tracking may threaten ransomware,

This looks like malicious email.
This looks like malicious email.

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