Kellyanne Conway meets with House January 6 committee staff

Former Trump White House Senior Advisor kellynn conway Met the staff members of the House Select Committee probing the matter on Monday. January 6, 2021 Attack on the US Capitol,

Conway’s attorney, Emmett Flood, joined him at the meeting. Conway arrived at the conference room where the committee meets shortly after 10 a.m. Conway declined to tell the press pool the reason she was there, and her attorney has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Conway formally stepped down at the White House in August 2020, citing the need to focus on his family. But Conway, one of the longest-serving Trump advisers whose role was that of counselor to the president, remained in Trump orbit after he left the White House. Conway was the third campaign manager of a former president in 2016, and the first female campaign manager to lead a successful presidential campaign.

Conway, like many Republicans, has criticized the committee and its approach, calling January 6, 2021 a “terrible day” in the nation’s history.

Kellyanne Conway speaks at the America First Policy Institute event
Kellyanne Conway, White House Senior Advisor to former US President Donald Trump, speaks during an event on education at the America First Policy Institute on January 28, 2022 in Washington, DC.

Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images

Conway’s appearance comes when the committee has only weeks to complete its work, as the committee will be disbanded at the end of the year and the new Republican-controlled Congress will not re-authorize its existence. Last week, committee members and Democratic Rep. zoe lofgren Told CBS News on “Face the Nation” that the panel would release “all the evidence” since its creation “within a month”.

committee summoned the former president For his testimony “on or about” November 14, which has come and gone.

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