King Carlos: This is the royal crown he will receive at his induction ceremony

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King Charles III He will be enshrined as the new monarch of the United Kingdom at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6 May 2023. The ceremony will preserve some of the historical elements of the previous coronation but will also recognize the spirit of the new times.

The carefully preserved British Crown Jewels in the Tower of London will supersede the famous monument worn during the coronation of King Charles III and are symbols of power and spirituality.

Tookfor the Imperial State Crown It was commissioned for the coronation of King George VI in 1937. Isabel II She wore it after her declaration as queen. The late emperor wore it at other times as well, such as at the ceremonial opening of parliament. The crown weighs over a kilo, is 31.5 cm high and contains 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls and four rubies.

St. Edwards Crown

made for the coronation of Charles II, St. Edwards Crown It is the most important and sacred of the crowns. This ornament is used only for the coronation ceremony.

The piece is made of solid gold set with gems such as rubies, sapphires or sapphires, and is endowed with an ermine cover and weighs over two kilos. It is a symbol of royal power. Mounted in a gold frame and adorned with a purple velvet cap, the royal crown is decorated with 2,868 diamonds and numerous precious stones, including 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 269 pearls.

emblem of the monarchy

The crown represents the divine power of the sovereign, King Charles III He would wear it upon departure from Westminster Abbey, just after his coronation.

The crown was created in 1937 for King George VI by crown jeweler Garrad & Company and was modeled after the one worn by Queen Victoria, made in 1838, which featured an ermine hair base. At the forefront of its many gems is a colossal 317-carat diamond known as Cullinan II, or “Africa’s Second Star”.

Among its many gems, a massive 317-carat diamond, known as the Cullinan II, stands at the fore. Or “Africa’s second star”. Elizabeth II wore the 31.5 cm high piece during her speech at the opening ceremony of the parliamentary session.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, a body that oversees the collections of the British royal family, the term “Imperial Crown of State” dates back to the 15th century, when English monarchs chose the concept of a crown surrounded by arches to show that . England was not subject to any other power on the planet.

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