King Charles III: His anger at Prince Harry has a much deeper meaning than years ago

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A source close to the Royal Family says King Charles III’s true anger with Prince Harry has a deeper meaning than is believed, The Duke of Sussex has not only damaged the reputation of the new monarch, he may have also ruined his father’s attempt to accept Camilla as queen.

Since the public learned of King Carlos III’s deception Princess Diana, which was a favorite of many, was severely criticized. On the other hand, now Queen wife Camilla was no exception and Lady D faced the wrath of fans,

Even the British media were continuously attacking the Queen Consort Camilla. there was so much hatred for him that King Carlos III is almost installed on the altar Fearing that he would not let her get out of bed on the morning of her wedding day.

Once they got married, King Charles III made great efforts to get the public to accept his wife, It took a long time, but in the end the queen consort won the respect and affection of a large percentage of the British people.

So he revealed that King Charles III’s real anger at Prince Harry comes from spoiling his multi-year effort to honor Queen Consort Camilla, The Duke of Sussex’s confession has left the monarch unable to forgive his son.

“almost everything that Carlos has made Camilla accepted by the public in one way or another over the past 20 years.”, he revealed. “She is loved. He is incredibly protective of her and cannot do without her. Ultimately the Queen accepted it too,” he continued.

He continued: “It’s one thing for Harry to attack Carlos, he may take it lightly, but If Harry goes against Camilla in his book and forces her to choose him, I have no doubt that he will choose Camilla.,

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