Kobold VK7: Thermomix turned into a vacuum cleaner, though it’s not within reach of all pockets

Do you like to keep your house clean? If the answer is yes, then the Kobold VK7 can be your best friend for a pristine floor without a speck of dust. However before going into the details, I would like to start with its key technical features.


  • autonomy: 60 minutes.
  • loading time: Two hours, approx.
  • Power: 28 l/s
  • weight: 2,5 kg.
  • Noise: Less than 75 decibels.
  • filter: Four layers of absorption that retain dust particles.
  • Accessories Included: HD7 corner accessories, brush set, non-electric extendable tube, pack of six FP7 filter bags, charger, pack of six Dovina and shoulder strap.
  • in large quantity 15 tasks Available.
  • system of extensive cleaning,
  • Guarantee Three Years Manufacturer’s Legal Warranty.
  • pressio: 1.695 Euro.

Heavy but ergonomic design

The German company Vorwerk, which manufactures this vacuum cleaner, is committed to Simple design and innovative aesthetics, Taking the body of the device out of the box you can’t tell where the grip is (at least in my case), however there is a rubber grip that pops out from the bottom when you rotate it 180 degrees to make it work. very comfortable handleAlso, the power button will be placed on the top next to the power level.

if you turn the handle you find out screen rotates automatically (depending on whether the handle is extended or retracted) and battery percentage will be displayed in increments of ten along with power level, water dose, filter bag status and warnings. Meanwhile, sits back Charging Socket with Pin System,

Kobold VK7 screen.

addicted to hoarding filter bag The Kobold VK7 reminds me of classic bag vacuums, however, the parts have four layers and are 99.99% maintainable from fine particles of dust.

One aspect that I liked the least was the weight. When the vacuum cleaner is assembled with its associated accessories, I have to say that weighs a lot (2.5 kg) and does not provide full agility While driving it, but the advantage is that the wheels of the module spin quite smoothly.

The next feature I’m going to mention is a feature I really liked. The vacuum cleaners I’ve tested didn’t have the option to stay on, though. Kobold VK7 remains motionless on the ground If you push the handle forward until you hear a click.

If you want to clean the mattress or sofa upholstery, it is advisable to leave the handle in its original position Use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner, There is also another thief here, because it is too heavy to support with one limb.

Before we get into the cleanup, let me make a brief note that Provides a fairly complete systemIncluding a vacuum cleaner body, corner accessories (HD7), a multi-floor and carpet module (EB7), another vacuum and scrub module (SP7), and a textile and mattress module (PB7, MR7, MP7).

Kobold VK7 body with handle assembled.
Kobold VK7 body with handle assembled.

It's ergonomic handling is very important as it allows you to reach areas that are hard to reach

cleaning with four power levels

kobold vk7 vacuum cleaner has a high suction level, allowing first-class cleaning performance. The default setting (Level 1) is set automatically on power up to ensure optimum power usage, although settings can be tailored to suit user preferences.

On the other hand, it offers four levels of power and performance, guaranteeing maximum comfort:

  • Level 1: Standard power for dusting and medium soiling with automatic floor detection, also suitable for light carpets (default setting).
  • level 2: Strong power for more dust and dirt with automatic soil detection.
  • level 3: Maximum power on hard floors for more intense cleaning.
  • Level 4: Maximum power for more thorough cleaning.
  • performance mode: Temporary power boost for vacuuming the coarsest dirt (particles up to one centimeter can be vacuumed, thanks to the display lid that opens onto the automatic brush that matches the multi-floor and carpet module).

box of vacuum cleaner came inside including some lavender-scented powder to clean the mattressBut how are they used? You have to spread them on the bed, expand them with their respective accessory and rub to get a pristine result.

Kobold VK7 Cleaning Plugins.
Kobold VK7 Cleaning Plugins.

Its autonomy is 60 minutes.

significant autonomy

Compared to other vacuum cleaners I’ve tried, I must admit that the Kobold VK7 device with low autonomy, Maximum power consumes a full battery in less than 15 minutes, although if you clean your home’s floors at the lowest level, the model can last up to an hour (approximately).

With respect to the charge level, the vacuum cleaner takes two hours to charge To reach one hundred percent battery. From my own experience of use, I’ve used the Power Level 2 to vacuum and mop for three days at medium power with no accessories.

On the other hand, thanks to the complete ones included in the box, you can clean the mattress or sofa upholstery in no more than half an hour, however, You can see how the battery percentage decreases on the device screen,

Kobold VK7 Module.
Kobold VK7 Module.

The robot vacuum has a low charge, but enough to clean an average-sized home.


Bag status can be viewed By pulling the tab that opens the compartment to pull out the gray tab. As I mentioned earlier, this feature reminds me of a traditional vacuum cleanerHowever, the Vorwerk is committed to longevity with more than normal use thanks to its maintenance and spare parts included in the box. First, there are six in the bag packagingBut once sold out, they can be purchased on the company’s website.


to pay 1.695 Euro A vacuum cleaner can hit your pocket hard, as there are mid-range appliances that provide basic services for less money. On the other hand, if you love cleanliness and want a durable electronic product that is multifunctional, then you can get the Kobold VK7.

Don’t worry, Vorwork provides Possibility to finance it in monthly installments or in one payment.

From left to right: filter, charger and grip for carrying the vacuum cleaner closer to the body.
From left to right: filter, charger and grip for carrying the vacuum cleaner closer to the body.

20 Bit Score: 8.5/10

  • Best: Accessory kit and various power modes that make cleaning easy.

  • Worst: Quite a high price and a heavy vacuum cleaner to move with agility.

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