Kompa Yasso is hospitalized in an emergency: between life and death

Mexico City ,

communicator Lily Cabin made it known Via his YouTube show ‘Paparazzamx’that popular character’‘Compa Yasso’, played by Eleazar del Valle, it’s got Health status after leaving hospitalIn which he was admitted to the hospital – a. to participate in Commitment to work and suffering a sabbatical in Guadalajara.

Host Lily Kabanasi in the broadcast of the program Told about the seriousness of the health of the comedian and revealed that he has since been hospitalized 5 days ago in Mexico City After visiting several clinics until he received her in an IMSS unit.

Lily Cabanas reveals health status ‘Kompa Yasso’ This is very serious, which is why his friends and family are concerned:

“Tonight dear Eleazar, ‘El Compa Yasso,’ is torn between life and death,” she said in despair.

And he added:

“He had liver and kidney infections, had to undergo dialysis and was hospitalized in a private place … to Ciudad de México and attempted to enter a major public hospital; they took him to La Raza “They didn’t admit him and I want to tell you what hospital my dear Kompa Yasso is in, he’s in the general hospital of zone #24 in bed 21” explained Lily Cabanas to Carlos Alberto, who accompanied him in the broadcast was.

Similarly, Cabanas remarked that friends and relatives of the comedian they’ve tried to take it to another placeBecause they haven’t given him the special care he needs:

“They have told me that they want to transfer her… Although everyone is treated the same in these hospitals, they told me that at first they did not pay much attention to her and it is important to remark that she quite delicate” Cabana explained.

They ask for help from the artistic community for the Kompa Yasso

Lily Cabin launched a call to the artistic community and the comedian’s partner to support him financially and Electricity transferred to a private hospital where he can receive the specialized care needed for his critical condition.

“The idea is to be able to hold a profit show, because when you are in the hospital there is not enough money. This very close source shared with me is that Elizar’s situation is quite delicate with regards to finances, So it will be important for the entire Comedy Guild to support ‘Kompa Yasso’, which is currently debating between life and death, as the diagnosis is quite delicate”, he said.




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