“La Bebeshita” shines with an animal print skirt and red heeled shoes

During this season of the year, many trends from the past have resurfaced, such as laminated maxi boots and prints, with the so-called “crow’s feet” being one of the most commonly used by famous people in the middle of the show. However another plot that is struggling to transform itself this fall is animal print, a fashion that was very popular in 2015 and is experiencing various boom periods.

so if you’re crazy about it sexy trendWe recommend that you “follow the fashion advice of”la helplessness“, who took to her Instagram account with a short animal print skirt, also shared her stunning footwear while modeling her innovative outfit.

Well, although her miniskirt was one of the pillars of her outfit, The laminated boots chosen by “La Bebeshita” They are great for this season when the cold leaves many women preferring not to wear skirts or dresses for the sake of comfort and temperature.

Do you like the look of “La Bebeshita”?

but if you like MasterChef Celebrity Participants If you want to look sexier without suffering from inclement weather, wearing maxi boots is a great trick, as they won’t let all of the skin on your feet come into contact with the air, in addition to helping to elongate your figure.

And even if you are from the “cold team”, we recommend that you give a chance to this type of footwear that is in fashion this autumn-winter and pair it with leather, plush or printed look Can be combined inseparably, because thanks to them the simplicity helps to balance any type of outfit.

and since the look of ChefSito’s former maternal grandfather of MasterChef Junior 2022 There were two trends that went unnoticed,”la helplessness” also decided their alliance sexy animal print skirt With a simple black blouse, the biggest feature of which is the neckline, which, despite reaching the neck, has irregular openings that give dynamism to the outfit.

This blouse was the perfect complement to the outfit “La Bebechita”.

Finally, about the personal beauty of “La Bebeshita”Needless to say, being so basic, it ended up perfectly in combination with the casual look she chose, which she complemented with perfectly straight hair and smoked brown tones that looked sexy and full nude. ended in the lips.

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