Lady Di looked like this with long hair, does she look better than her iconic cut?

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we are everywhere Lady Deu In her beautiful blonde short hair with her iconic big waves hairstyle. Although she wore it like this for most of her life, she also tried, like all of us, other styles which she didn’t like so much but from our point of view it looked really cool.

Everything was excellent. She was one of the most daring women in terms of fashion and makeup, launching whenever she could and hidden messages with her clothes. Her intense blue eyes, blonde hair, tall height and huge smile made her an unforgettable icon of the times.

In the late eighties we saw everywhere on many women of different nationalities and their hairstyle imitation with blonde, black, wavy, straight hair and more. It was neither higher than the nape of the neck nor taller than the shoulders. Called the “bix cut,” it’s the midpoint between the bob and the pixie with heavy layers that give it a lot of sport but also sophistication and elegance.

Before she fell in love with this cut, she wore it a little longer for a while, But never beyond the shoulders.

He tried many hairstyles, volume, bangs but it was clear that he preferred it short. Photos of Lady Di with slightly longer hair create emotion among her followers But of course everyone assures that they love the cut that has been trending for over a decade.

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