Lady Di’s friends acknowledged her lie because it was part of her personality: “She was so liar”.

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fans of lady du They know that the mothers of princes William and Harry had many qualities, however, it seems that honesty was not one of them. Princess Diana’s friends have revealed on different occasions that “She was so liar” and they even accepted her lie because “it was part of her personality”,

There is no doubt that Lady Di was and remains a favorite in the hearts of many followers of the British royal family. However, although there are people who They portray her as an honest person, with her friends and even her brother revealing that she was not,

Lady Di enjoyed lying

According to friends and Lady Di’s brother, Charles Spencer, Princess Diana told others when she lied so that everything would fit perfectly into her stated statement of facts. This frenzy of the Princess of Wales has been exposed on several occasions when Various interviews contradict themselves,

,It was very difficult for him to tell the truth. Simply because he liked to embellish things,” said Charles Spencer. According to the author of “Diana in Search of Herself”, Lady Di’s friends acknowledged her lies, believing that her dishonesty was already part of her personality.

“He lied openly to me. when he looked me straight in the eye He said this so that he could see how justified it might be to lie”, said Clive James, one of Princess Diana’s friends. “I asked him whether this or that had happened, and he told me a complete lie, which I believed, but I never had any enmity with him because that was his way of being and that was his character”, admitted another friend of his.

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