Lake Erie Fishing Tournament Shaken Up by Cheating Scandal After Contestants Allegedly Stuffed Fish With Wet

A Lake Erie fishing tournament ended with the original winners of the event embroiled in a fraud dispute.

On Friday, the Lake Erie Walleye Trail (LEWT) fishing tournament in Ohio crowned Chase Kominsky and Jake Runyon winners after losing weight. But in a video posted on the tournament’s Facebook page, one of the contestants questions the results on stage before the video is cut.

another Video [Warning: the linked video contains graphic language] Chaos erupts after one of the winners’ fish was found cut open and loaded with weights of lead and pieces of the other fish in a widely shared online capture. One after the other, the contestants’ other fish were burned, each revealing the inclusion of stuffed items inside to add weight to the catch.

The person biting the fish can be heard shouting “We’ve got weight in the fish!” And yelling at one of the two alleged fraudsters, “Get out of here!”

Dramatic footage showed crowds growing around the contestants, accusing them of cheating in previous tournaments as well and threatening to call the police, saying the two men had essentially stolen thousands of dollars from the other contestants.

In a later Facebook post, tournament director Jason Fischer listed the tournament’s true winners after Kominsky and Runyon were disqualified and apologized for the cheating scandal.

“Disgusted guys and girls, I’m sorry to disappoint you for so long and I’m glad I caught you cheating on your LEWT at the same time,” he posted.

“I hope you know now that when I say ‘you built this LEWT and I will protect its integrity at all costs’, I mean it. You all deserve the best,” Fischer said.

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