Lalit Zuckerberg: Exposing the data of his users will cost him 265 million euros

Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) imposes on Meta Platforms (Facebook parent) 265 million euro fine To handle user data. The American company, which has its European headquarters in Dublin, has been penalized for a failure in its security systems that led to Personal data leak of 533 million users Between May 2018 and September 2019.

The fine is the result of an investigation that began in April last year, when Public names, phone numbers and email addresses From Instagram and Facebook.

The scope of the investigation relating to processing by Meta Platforms Ireland Limited (MPIL) during the period 25 May 2018 and September 2019 relates to the investigation and evaluation of the Facebook Search, Facebook Messenger Contacts Importer and Instagram Contacts Importer tools. ,

The data was not obtained by a jailbreak hack operation, but by ‘scraping’ (A technology that receives data from reading a website, thanks to automated software that collects information).

As a result of the facts, the Irish regulator determined that Meta violated Article 5 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), meanwhile, Meta said in a statement that they are “carefully reviewing this decision”. Huh.

Oculus Quest 2 glasses will be required to use the platform.

Zuckerberg’s company says that “protecting the privacy and security of people’s data is essential to the operation of our business. This is why we have cooperated fully with the Irish Data Protection Commission on this important issue. made changes to our systems during the question, including removing the ability to scour our facilities in this way.”

The fine for Meta is the fourth that has been imposed on one of the companies belonging to the DPC. big techSimilarly, creatures are Open thirteen other investigations affecting Zuckerberg’s business,

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