Lalo “El Mimo” Married Only Once And This Movie Actress Is His Beautiful Wife

even if inside file movies While most people remember female exponents as the stellar part of this wave in cinema, the truth is that there were important male figures within this type of cinema, who enjoyed great acceptance by the Mexican public; as it happened Eduardo Meza de la Peña, Better known as “Lalo el Mimo”.

The famous Mexican actor was born on September 1, 1936 in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, however, he spent most of his life in the capital of this state, that is, Morelia, where he had his artistic awakening, during which time he later focused on being excellent Mexican actors and comedians that we know today and who have successfully performed in fields such as cinema, theater and television.

Among the presentations that stood out the most “Love to the Mexican” (1979), “The Gambler” (1979), “Sex Makes Me Laugh” (1979), “Green Card” (1978), “War of the Sexes” (1978), “O Salome!” (1978), “Cabaret Nights” (1978), “Las Ficheras: Bellas de Noche II Parte” (1977), “Juan Armenta, the Returnee” (1976), and “El Niño y la Estrella”, to mention a few. for …

It is noteworthy that the famous did not always know that he would approach the guild of entertainers and stars, because he studied chemical engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM, but after practicing the university theater and being Decided to give another direction to his life. invented by Andres Solar, With whom he studied acting and later started working.

Since then, Famous has received various awards and recognition for his acting career, as he has participated in over 60 plays and 126 films.

It has now come to our attention that precisely because he didn’t always thrive in the world of fame, a dear friend recommended that he should take care of himself, as she told him that when a person is famous, “kids are everywhere.” grow”, so he revealed during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in the program “The minute that changed my destiny.”

That is why the famous married only once and does not regret his decision, despite the fact that he assured that he only parted. His wife, like him, was a celebrity in the entertainment industry, and that’s it. Mary Carmen Resendiz, Jo Ficheras besides being a beautiful actress of cinema also conquered as a model for magazines and photonovelas.

Marie Carmen Resendiz has not divorced Lalo “El Mimo” yet, but they have separated. Photo: Exclusive


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