Laura Zapata breaks up with her sister Thalia: “I’ve already blocked her”

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A few days ago, Laura Zapata was once again in the eye of the storm due to her feud with Yolanda Andrade, Which mercilessly reminded him of the financial contribution Thalia had made to help her grandmother, Donna Eva Mange.

on that occasion Yolanda Andrede Keeps Soap Operas Villainized, A Fact She Didn’t Like At AllReminding the presenter that she was never seen as well in her family as a friend of her sister Thalia.

Thus began a war, where Thalia was left in the middle, as Laura Zapata publicly asked Tommy Mottola’s wife to make a video to placate their friend. And clarifies a few points, a video that was never made.


However, now Laura Zapata revealed in an interview with the media that she has no contact with her sister Thalia and does not want to do it again, which is why she has blocked her permanently.

“Now if she talks to me, I don’t know if she can find me, I’ve already blocked her,” This breakdown, said the villain of the soap opera, takes place a few months after the death of her grandmother, Donna Eva Mange, who was like a mother she had raised since she was young.

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