Laura Zapata Defends Veronica Castro from Gustavo Adolfo Infante: “Unhappy the Amorphous Worm”

According to Infante, he did not have to apologize to Veronica, as she was not the one who spread the information (Photo: Instagram)

journalist a few days ago George Carbajali released a video in which he announced that he was allegedly Veronica Castro makes risky video calls Along with some of his fans, who are minors.

Reporter disclosed on his channel a blow that after reviewing the video material of “over six hours”, concluded that the beloved Mexican artist had unusual conversations with teenagers, And also mentioned that “La Vero” would have invited some of them to come to his house in Acapulco, but “without his parents.”

The information ignited the social network and various users questioned what was allegedly done by the protagonist. wild Rose You rich people cry tooSeveral others defended the diva, including some entertainment personalities.

Some colleagues of the former host of Not a bad night! came to their rescue, including Laura Zapatawho displayed his characteristic style on his Twitter account against Gustavo Adolfo Infantewho echoed the information presented by Jorge Carbajal and questioned Castro’s honorability.

“Now he’s messing with Veronica Castro, Molkazette’s notoriously amorphous worm legs without a neck are a sad one, I don’t think this useless trash is going to apologize to the great Veronica!!”, the so-called “villain of the soap opera” wrote.

And that’s it. owning to first hand He confirmed that, despite the fact that he had not seen the material that Carbajal spoke of, “he does not put his hand in the fire”, emphasizing statements by host Yolanda Andrade, who was behind the leak. Video is supposed to be. To a YouTube journalist.

Gustavo also said that this is a serious allegation, so Asked the indicated girls to initiate the legal process, if it’s true Carbajal, and indicated that he would not dare touch on the subject if he did not have evidence to prove what he said.

“They (drivers) a blow) claims to have gone to Miami and witnessed some inappropriate chats with girls who were minors at the time after the show hosted by Veronica Castro little giantsWe didn’t see them, I understand they didn’t show them, but I also think they wouldn’t dare say anything without proof of that nature Because Mrs. Castro could easily sue her,” Infante said at the event. the sun rises last 4 october

“We can do what we want when both parties are of legal age, adult, a combination of man with man or woman with woman, everyone decides what’s going on, But with minors, it’s a crime“, He added.

And the thing is . after the journalist tv image Echoing the information that Cristian Castro’s mother was to blame, the artist announced on Twitter that she would be away from this social network for the time being until Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Jorge Carbajal apologized.

“Dear friends of this little window, I am very sorry to inform you that Right now it’s Twitter #jorgecarbajal and #gustavoadolfoinfante. canceled till Apologize publicly for your aggression, lying and lack of respect for me.”

Jorge Carbajal claimed he had evidence that Veronica talked about sensitive issues with young women;  For his part, Gustavo spread the information (Photo: FILE)
Jorge Carbajal claimed he had evidence that Veronica talked about sensitive issues with young women; For his part, Gustavo spread the information (Photo: FILE)

then through the program the sun risesThe presenter apologized to the artist, although he pointed out that even i defended him And he did not think that he had offended her or insulted her person:

“Sometimes I talk too much, that my mouth is too big and then I say things that are wrong, but this time I don’t have to take any responsibility that doesn’t suit me, since this man is gone Youtuber (George Carbajal), I talked and said ‘I think what you are doing is outrageous’, that’s what I said, I criticized the man. If I have to apologize for something I didn’t do, I offer you an apology, I didn’t say that,” Gustavo said in the broadcast. the sun rises This Thursday, September 6.

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