Leaked racist comment from former Los Angeles City Council president ignites outrage

The Los Angeles City Council has remained in turmoil since the following Leaked audio of racist comments Nouri Martinez, who resigned as the council’s chairman on Monday following the revelation. Martinez was no show at Tuesday’s meeting, which he called a “vacation of absence”, but residents expressed their outrage and demanded his resignation.

“Shame on you! Shame on you,” one man shouted at the council members.

The moment of backroom fanaticism occurred during a call that involved Martinez and council members Gil Cedillo and Kevin DeLeon. Cedillo and DeLeon attended Tuesday’s meeting but never spoke. All three, who are Latino Democrats, have apologized.

It is unclear who recorded and leaked the call in which Martinez referred to a colleague’s son, who is black.looks like changuito,” which translates from Spanish to English as “That Little Monkey.”

Disgusting comments were also directed at indigenous people, gays and blacks. No one is heard pushing back.

“On these tapes I’ve heard the worst about Los Angeles—the trusted servants who voiced hatred and bile,” said council member Mike Bonin, whose son was the target of Martinez’s abuse.

The angry father said that Martinez should first resign, then apologize.

Gustavo Arellano, a Los Angeles Times columnist, said he expected council members to be forced to resign.

“I’m glad that Latinos in particular are some of the loudest voices against them,” he said. “He has to step down.”

But when will that happen, he says, “that is a question only their ego can answer.”

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