Lenovo shows off the full potential of its expandable screens in a rollable Motorola mobile and a laptop that doubles its size

las flexible screen of current folding devices, which are fascinating in their own right, suggesting that this technology has a Great room for development. This issue is seen in the concepts in which brands operate. latest exampleAttractive Lenovo mobile and laptop prototype with rolling panel,

company owned motorola Upgraded the first details about it in your virtual event Lenovo Tech World’22, focused on publicizing its vision and its many innovations. In one of his presentations, Luca Rossi, Vice PresidentFirst a. demonstrated and exposed the characteristics of smart fone Premium at the core of a compact size with an upward-facing screen (if you’re in normal condition while using the phone), switching from 5 inches by 6.5 inches,

After showing how it grows in size, he has done just that reverse movement, back to starting mode, a display which he then repeats to see how it spreads horizontallyTo the left, while the user is watching the video, series and movies. A way of highlighting the game that it provides in the terrain and how the panel grows and shrinks naturally, Adapting to the user’s taste during the immersion experience,

This suggestion has been expanded for its brief description and demonstration in which a . has been mentioned Rollable laptop whose screen is stretched upwards reveals multitasking and browsing capability,

Both concepts, which will take time to materialize into specific products (though Rossi kept his cell phone in his jacket pocket), are part of his OLED Flexible Display Development Line, The group’s high position recall has led to market innovation with their 2-in-1 laptops, the ThinkPad and Motorola Razr folding smartphones.

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