Letty Calderone’s terrifying experience living in her youth

Letty Calderone had a sad past that no one knows

Letty Calderón is one of the most representative actresses on Mexican television, she has been the protagonist of several representative soap operas, where she stands out for her portrayal of the villain, becoming one of the public’s favorites, but quitting acting. Decided one time.

The actress has moved away from the small screen to devote herself to her children, and has shown that she is quite pampered in her role as a mother. Recently she was shocked to announce the independence of one of her children, although she has also admitted that she is a bit strict with that subject due to a horrifying story that lives in her past

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Well, the actress revealed that on one occasion she had a horrific experience during her youth, as she revealed that on one occasion she went to a bar and the effect of drinking alcohol was completely astonishing as she remembers that She was lost and doesn’t even know how I come to her house, so she allows her kids to organize parties but under her supervision.

What is Letty Calderone currently?

After an illustrious career on Mexican television, Leticia Calderón decided to step away from the screen after dedicating herself to her role as a mother, but due to a terrible illness, she currently She dedicates herself to making desserts and enjoying her family, so she hasn’t returned to soap operas.

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