LG introduces a new flexible panel that can stretch up to 20%

Tech maker LG has unveiled a new 12-inch stretchable high-resolution panel they’re working on. device is called ‘stretchable’ And it has a flexibility that allows it to be used on curved surfaces.

The panel uses MicroLED technology and the company claims that It is capable of pulling up to 20%. Thanks to this, its creators hope that it can be used for a variety of daily uses, depending on the surface on which it is placed and folded.

The prototype they showed is 12 inches in size, but LG has confirmed that Can reach 14 inches when pulled, They have achieved this by using a film-like substrate made from a special silicone that is often used for contact lenses.

To illuminate the screen, uses LG’s Stretchable micro led technology, with pixels smaller than 40 ┬Ám. The brand says that the resolution of this screen is 100ppi and RGB full color.

It doesn't have a keyboard.

LG hopes that with this panel it will be possible to work on a variety of curved surfaces from skin or clothing tops to furniture, cars and airplanes.

The screen will be able to adapt to different curved surfaces.
The screen will be able to adapt to different curved surfaces.

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