LG Tone Free Fit TF7Q: the headphones with the brand’s UV technology have improved their design for the sportiest

The LG wireless headphones stand out in the market thanks to their UVNano technology, which promises to eliminate up to 99.9% of all types of bacteria and germs using ultraviolet light. In the case of the new LG Tone Free Fit TF7Q, From 179 Euro (currently discounted on Amazon)This was not going to subside and the brand has continued to bet on this type of technology, improving the design and active noise cancellation.

If the firm’s main objective was to create wireless sports headphones, they have achieved it. Compared to other companies that haven’t paid as much attention to design as to fit everyone’s ears, it looks like the TF7Q lets individuals do all kinds of exercise without fear of falling. a kind of ‘fin’ For a secure and comfortable grip in which and that is.

The TF7Q has a sort of ‘fin’ to ensure their fastening with the holes in order to prevent moisture from escaping.

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Also, LG has taken care of the details and made some holes in the said ‘fin’ to let air circulate and, Thus, prevent moisture from concentrating in the ear canal, They are also not uncomfortable due to their weight, as each earphone weighs only 6 grams and has dimensions of 24.8 x 23.5 x 26.7 mm.

The TF7Q is also ideal for use while playing sports for other reasons, such as its resistance to sweat, moisture and dust, They have an IP67 rating, so you don’t have to worry if you sweat a lot or walk in a sandy area where dust gets in your way.

LG promises that the headphones have a battery 10 hourswhile the charging case is 20 hours, This means that athletes (or not-so-athletes) will be able to leave the house to exercise without blasting out to their favorite songs in the middle of training.

sound quality

The Korean company wants its new TF7Q to have a more spacious sound than its predecessors and users won’t be exposed to as much outside noise. For this reason, its developers They have improved active noise cancellation While it’s not as good as other models, it does allow you to isolate yourself from noise other than music or your favorite podcast.

With the LG Tone Free app, you can control the equalizer. There are five default modes: Immersive, Natural, Bass Boost, Treble Boost and 3D sound.

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commitment to cleanliness

Those who have a background soundtrack at any time of the day can rest easy with the TF7Q as LG has tried to make its latest creation look as clean as possible. Although it is a good thing not to use headphones for the whole day, but the brand has tried that if you do, then at least you are taking care of the hygiene of your ear canal.

In addition to the holes that allow air circulation, LG has provided its TF7Q Hypoallergenic and non-toxic silicone gel pad. These come in different sizes so that the user can choose the one that best matches his ear without resorting to other sellers.

For the UV light to work, all you need to do is store the headphones in the charging case for 10 minutes.
For the UV light to work, all you need to do is store the headphones in the charging case for 10 minutes.

But, without a doubt, the highlight in terms of cleanliness is the self-cleaning by ultraviolet light, which is exclusive to the LG Tone Free. Cleaning is done with uVinano technology and for The earbuds only need to be placed in the charging case for 10 minutes.

According to the tests carried out, ultraviolet light Kills 99.9% BacteriaThese include Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

The wireless headphones cost 79.25 euros on Amazon.

If you are not happy with the cleanliness of the UVnano technology, you can even wash the earbuds with water. Their IP67 rating means they’ve passed immersion testing up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. However, using it at the beach or pool isn’t recommended and the charging box isn’t waterproof, so the headphones will need to be dried before storing them.

The headphones have passed tests showing that they can survive being submerged up to 1 meter deep for half an hour.
The headphones have passed tests showing that they can survive being submerged up to 1 meter deep for half an hour.

score 8.5

  • Best of: Its UV technology and its comfortable and safe design.
    Worst: There are other models with better sound for its price (though this one isn’t bad).

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