Like Andres Garcia. Hector Bonilla said the same thing, but it was true to him

Andres Garcia

Andrés García has said on several occasions that he is living his last days, as his health condition is very fragile, and we can see this in the latest photos and videos of the actor revealed by the actor.

And before him, Hector Bonilla said the same thing, as he assured that he was “living overtime” because he had been suffering from kidney cancer for 4 years, and as the actor explained, the doctors told him that There is no cure for his condition and all you can do is follow the rules and hope for the best.

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He has also said, like Andrés García, that he is not afraid of death, because we are all going to be there and he does not intend to cry or feel sorry for his illness as he faces it and in every possible way Let’s fight it.

follow what hector bonilla said

Hector left this world on November 25, after losing a battle against cancer, living overtime came true, and death came, leaving his fans and Televisa, where he starred in several soap operas, in the midst of sadness.

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