Like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston will also sue Brad Pitt

brad pitt Not only is he facing a legal battle with Angelina Jolie, but now he has also been sued Jennifer AnistonHis first wife, for an exorbitant amount, because the 58-year-old actor put up “Plan B” for sale, without keeping her up to date with the production house he founded with the “Friends” actress, hence his ex. -The partner will not only be hurt – according to international sources – because now she is fighting to pay for the part that suits her.

It’s no surprise that Brad Pitt is going through the news Demand The “Innocence Interrupted” actress filed for $250 million by her former partner Angelina Jolie after the actor – allegedly in a state of intoxication – physically assaulted her and her children, alleging in front of a US court went. They were flying on a plane, which led to the beginning of their divorce.

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However, in this publicly known lawsuit, a new $100 million request has been added against the law, this time it was not Jolie who argued against Pitt, but it was her Jennifer Aniston, who Brad was married to the actress. From 2000 to 20005, when he learned that the actor had plans to sell the “Plan B” film production company they had built as a family project in November 2001.

Brad and Jen were together for two years before getting married in 2000. Photo: AP, FILE

When Aniston and Pitt split in 2005, the former couple came to an agreement that it would be Pitt who would continue to run the “Plan B” business, which has launched hits like “Departed”, “12” over the years. Years a Slave” and “Moonlight”, all of which were nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the Oscar Awards.

“Heat World”, which released the news, indicated that at the time, the “Friends” actress was satisfied with the decision that Pitt continued with the project, but in more recent years, when the ex-partners formed a good friendship. , Jennifer got involved again in some of the company’s decisions, related to conceptualizing creative ideas for expanding scripts and potential projects for the company, so when she found out about her potential sale, she was able to pay the actress. was interested.

The American media also maintains that the actress was surprised that Brad didn’t find out about the decision made to put “Plan B” on sale and now that the actor has received good offers for sale, Jennifer refuses to do so. requested to be benefited. Negotiations derived from its transfer to new and new owners, as she believes she never received the recognition that, as a co-producer, she deserved.

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