Lis Vega: 3 trendy bikinis that crown her as queen of the beach

lis vega She conquers social networks with her beauty and style, as she has shown when she shares photos modern bikiniWith whom crowned queen of the beachWell, in addition to highlighting her curvy silhouette, the actress and singer teaches fashion classes with her outfits, and to confirm it, we leave it to you. three The handsome Cuban look that’s perfect to steal anywhere.

Also a musician, she was born in Havana, Cuba, and began her career in Mexico as a model, but gained popularity by starring in the video home “My Truth” by producer Juan Osorio, in which she brought to life the controversy. Vedat Niurka MarcosAnd from that moment she stood out for her beauty and for her stunning figure, which inspired her to star in various covers for magazines, such as lazy,

Lis Vega is crowned bikini queen

vegaJoe is just days away from turning 45, is very active in her network, and constantly attracts millions of followers with the photos she publishes, modeling flirty two-piece swimsuits with which she shares her side. Shows more sensual and risky, confirming that she is one of the famous who is not afraid to show off her curves, as the pieces are usually short.

She gives fashion classes with her beach look. Photo: IG @lisvegaoficial

just a week ago Flower His 1.9 million followers went awry instagramSharing a series of images, in which she was seen posing from the beaches of Miami, Florida in the United States, flaunting her beauty to the fullest Bikini which combines the trends of many colors and prints animal printWith which he received hundreds of flattering comments.

“Pretty lady”, “beautiful”, “goddess”, “divine” and “precious” are just a few of the comments the beautiful actress receives when she shares photos. lux de playa As one of the public’s favorite artists, and crowned herself as the queen of the genre, since vega He’s not afraid to try out different designs, from classics in colors like black or white, to the funniest prints, perfect for a day at the sea or by the pool.

Liss conquered the network with her beauty. Photo: IG @lisvegaoficial

lisska vega The singer and actress’ real name, Galvez, confirms with her beachy look that women over 40 can show off a stunning figure and daring two-piece swimsuit, like she reveals from her official Instagram or Facebook account. does. where he publishes. The snapshots with which he exudes sensuality, imposing fashion, show off outfits that are perfect to shine.

The 44-year-old native of Cuba, who has appeared in soap operas such as “Against Wind and Tide”, “Storm in Paradise”, “Amorcito Corazon” and “Santa Diabla”, and who was recently seen showing off her best moves was. In “The Stars Dance In Today”, managed to earn a place on social networks for his way of dressing, especially when it comes to looks like bikini or swimsuit with is crowned as queen,

The beautiful Cuban boasts of a great body. Photo: IG @lisvegaoficial

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