Lisa Vega: How has the famous woman married to a singer 20 years her junior changed over the years?

Lisa Vega has changed over the years. Photo: Darkroom

lis vega created ruckus by confirming the marriage naldoAnd singer why cuban musician famous for it’s been 20 years As reported by the model for A TV show.

The couple hasn’t limited themselves show your love a la weight Difference in age

and although lis vega owns one of sexiest body from the show, famous Changed With the passage of time she rose to fame in screen of TV, and presents to you Change From cuba,

this is how lis vega has changed

one of the famous projects lis vega it was “my truth”, the director John Osorio, Where the popular producer, who is dating a woman much younger to him, narrated his part critical breakdown Thief Niurka Marcos.

after some time, and as a Famous most popular with the public manly, lis vega was part of the stars living in the house of elder brother, After her departure, Cuban began with acting projects in soap operas. “Against Wind and Tide” and “Amorcito Corazón”,

since then, call “Urban Poet” not completely away from reflective, let alone social network, where he usually shows sexuality Photo which are well received by them followers,

how it currently looks lis vega He has no problem talking even because of cosmetic surgery, as he did in the interview given to the program the moment my luck changedheaded by Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

“The only thing I’ve done is bum and breast… I had a nose job 25 years ago and I took off my cheeks and put on lipstick.

and thanks for your account instagram official you can see the change Lisa Vega.

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