“Little Mermaid” Star Halle Bailey Receives Surprising Note From Her Delta Pilot: “You’re Giving Wings To Too Many Little Girls”

When the trailer for Disney’s live-action remake “The Little Mermaid” dropped in September, it caused an emotional frenzy as young Black and Brown girls reacted to Halle Bailey in her mermaid debut. Months later, Bailey’s role is still having an impact — and in unexpected places.

During a recent Delta flight, Bailey received a surprising message from none other than the pilot.

“Miss Bailey, it’s an honor to have you on board today,” Bailey tweeted on Monday. “Thank you for being an inspiration to little brown girls around the world, just like we were a few years ago.”

The letter was signed “Jess O, your young Latina female Delta pilot.”

“This wonderful pilot of the plane gave me this beautiful note today,” Bailey wrote of the letter.

And the actor’s support of Delta didn’t stop there. After Bailey tweeted about the note, Delta replied, “You’re giving wings to a lot of little girls.”

“Thank you for letting us be a part of your world,” airline tweeted In reference to the original Ariel, the song was first performed by Jodi Benson.

When Disney launched the trailer for “The Little Mermaid” in September, it immediately created a buzz. emotional response To the hundreds of kids and adults who were excited to see someone with the color of their skin in the iconic story. The trailer offers a glimpse of life under the sea, with only a few scenes of Bailey as she sings “Part of Your World.”

“She’s brown like me,” one girl said in a video.

“Mom, she’s black!” Another girl said.

The film is expected to release in theaters on May 26, 2023.

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