Live Updates: Counting of votes continues in Arizona and Nevada as Congressional control remains unresolved

Washington – Tuesday’s results mid term election Continuing to resonate in the American political landscape two days after voters went to the polls, the GOP is still on course to win control of the House and the battle for the Senate draws to a somewhat unresolved race.

Both the parties and their allies have already started preparations Runoff in December 6 Georgia Senate race Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker, depending on the results of the contest. Nevada And Arizona, Republicans need to take two out of three seats in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada to win the Senate, according to CBS News estimates.

The vote count in Nevada, which remains a toss-up, could go on for another week, a state official said Wednesday, with tens of thousands of votes still to be counted in the state’s largest county. In Arizona, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly is ahead of Republican challenger Blake Masters by more than 95,000 votes. Alaska’s Senate race also remains a toss-up, but the top two candidates are both Republicans, meaning the result will not affect the partisan makeup of the Senate.

The GOP remains at a surprising distance of victory control of the house, with CBS News forecasting Republicans would win at least 210 of the 218 seats needed to achieve a majority. Democrats are projected to win at least 200 seats.

President Biden sees better-than-expected results as “good days” for democracy Press conference At the White House on Wednesday, “the American people spoke out once again and proved that democracy is who we are.” Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is said to personally furious On the results, a source close to him told CBS News that Trump is “blaming everyone except himself” for the results.

Full results and projections for each House, Senate, and governor’s race can be found at the CBS News Election Center.

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