Liveuamap: Interactive map to see what happens on the battlefield every day in Ukraine

Alexander Bilchenko and Rodion Rozhkovsky (Ukrainian software engineers) created a ‘live universal awareness map’ as an alternative to the dominance of Russian propaganda in war conflicts, and included a Interactive map of deaths, bombings, fires and other incidents.

Liveuamap maintains its activity, but at present, it has become a web page and application on international affairs under the same formula as an interactive map. Includes a variety of events (Russia–Ukraine War, Israel–Palestine Conflict, or Cyber ​​War, among others).

If we talk about Ukraine, then the map You have a quick view of the development of the conflict, The territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia are marked in red, blue indicates the recovered territories and there is a column on the right bank. Fodder Of news.

The tool is based on OpenStreetMaps, it uses multiple sources of information, it uses artificial intelligence to select data, and the Liveuamap team of analysts determines its validity before incorporating it into the map.

Liveuamap shows events by default on the day the web is accessed, but provides a historical Which is spread from May 2014. On the other hand, if you want to go even further back in time, users will have to pay for the Pro version (a fee of $6 per month).

Website is in English, but can be changed to Spanish From the ‘Language’ button in the menu in the upper right corner.

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