Livia Brito: The actress’s 3 riskiest bikinis

livia brito She is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses today, but she is also an influencer, with one of her most used social networks being Instagram, where she shares many of her outfits, moments from her life, and even her life. that also uploads advice, in addition, constantly upload pictures on the beach, Because it’s one of his favorite places, so on this occasion We will present you the 3 best swimsuits she used.

Cuba Recently participated in “Woman of Nobody”, The Mexican soap opera produced by Giselle González and which is a version of the 2004 story, Amarte es mi sin by Liliana Aboud, ended on August 12 and was well received by Mexican audiences.

her best outfits for the beach

In this outfit, Livia chose a very short and tight black bikini, which is perfect for enjoying the sea and Show gym results. It’s very basic at the bottom, but it has a cross under the bust on the top, which makes it very sexy.

Its beauty is undeniable. Photo: Special.

In this second we can see her in a white swimsuit and a net gown which leaves little to the imagination. This outfit is ideal for enjoying the sunsetJust like she did, without losing style.

In the last, she appears with a more elegant option, lilac satin tones and rings that join both pieces of the bikini. To finish off her outfit, she wore a blanket robe and white glasses. They make her look amazing.

It always looks awesome. Photo: Special.

are you pregnant?

Brito, 36, steals the sighs of millions of her fans as she always shares her beautiful, sexy, casual and even sporty looks like this time. In addition, we can guess that the beach is one of his favorite places, as he constantly makes his trips to the sea and also publishes his postcards in small swimsuits. But recently he surprised everyone.

And it’s that with a photo she sparked rumors of a possible pregnancy, as she was seen holding her pants by the waist area, staring at her belly and mentioning: “I’m so happy baby!” There’s a big surprise coming up and it’s something I’ve been waiting for a long time. Thank you God, thank you universe, I always trust in you.

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