Looks like Camila, the only daughter Yuri adopted with her husband, Rodrigo Espinoza. photos

Since he rose to fame, Yuri She became one of the most recognized pop artists in Mexico, however, the one dream the singer always had was to become a mother. It is about the year 2009 when with whom was the singer Husband Rodrigo Espinoza Adopted One CamillaAt present the age of the girl is 13 years and you are photos lets see it looks like only daughter Singer’s

Camilla came to life Yuri The little girl was only seven months old when the singer was 45, from that moment the little girl became the spark that brought joy to the singer and his life Husband Rodrigo Espinoza, Despite the fact that Jarocha is very careful about her personal life, on Instagram she shares some photos From Is what Adopted 13 years ago.

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