Lorena Herrera responds to the lawsuit filed by Lucia Mendez against Laura Zapata and Silvia Pascal

  • Lucia Mendez announced through her team of lawyers that she has taken legal action against two of her co-stars from the reality show.

  • Lorena Herrera established her position through a statement addressed to the media, information chiefs, editors and reporters.

‘Diva of Mexico’ takes legal action for the damage done to his two co-starshe treated her badlya condition that has influenced his work.

for his part, Lorena Herrera Appears and it claims She stays out of that lawsuit and stays focused on her projects.

Through a statement, Herrera made known his position in the face of the controversy that his former reality partners had for several days.

According to the said statement, the 55-year-old actress and host He prefers to maintain his healthy distance and does not make any statements about it.

“Singer and actress Lorena Herrera declined to make any statement in this regard”Throws light on writing.

Lucia Mendez files lawsuit against Silvia Pasquale and Laura Zapata

In addition, she states that she is focused and focused. Get promoted as the winner of the reality show ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ this 19th December.

“for now, His only and foremost interest is the final phase of the successful reality show ‘MasterChef’.In which she has been placed as the first finalist of this last season of Celebrities which will successfully conclude this coming Sunday, 19th December.

Likewise, Herrera said that out of respect for her colleagues, she would not make any statements, as she loves and appreciates all three actresses, so she hopes this situation is resolved soon.

Lorena Herrera, Silvia Pasquale, Laura Zapata and Lucia Mendez are part of the reality show Siempre Reinas

“He will not make any statement regarding the said issue and expresses his affection and respect for the 3 people involved and wants it to be resolved in the best possible manner”, The statement says

‘Siempre Reinas’ is a reality show produced by the digital platform Netflix, starring Lorena Herrera, Laura Zapata, Lucia Méndez and Silvia Pasquel, which created a stir, as viewers were able to learn about the aspects of each member. Programs that, perhaps, were unknown to most.

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