‘Los Polivoces’ Actor “Zamorita” Dies At 94

The Cuban actor nicknamed “Zamorita” died at age 94 just days after Hector Bonilla. Rest In Peace The Comedian Who Made Our Grandparents And Parents Laugh

Five days after the death of Mexican actor Hector Bonilla, the protagonist of Rojo Amanesar, We regret to inform you that legendary comedian George Zamora “Zamorita” has passed away at the age of 94., A Cuban that made our grandparents and parents laugh for many years thanks to Los Polivoces, one of the great comedies on open television along with El chavo del ocho by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

It was communicator Gustavo Adolfo Infante, during the morning broadcast Sale el Sol, previously produced by Andrés Tovar, now husband of Mite Peroni, who broke the news. As of now, the cause of his death is unknown.However, the loss of one of the last representatives of the Mexican Golden Film Era is mourned (the diva Silvia Pinal is still alive), as “Zamorita” teamed up with Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”.

within the last thing he did The fantastic world of Juan Oriolfilmmaker’s sebastian del amo, She also had participation in the soap opera Rebelde, La Escuelita by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo; And he was also a regular guest of Eugenio Derbez on his XHBRDZ broadcast. Many will remember the famous sketch where “Zamorita” sat down to talk with Armando Hoyos.

Too He was the composer of many beautiful songsOne of them, which has been adopted by the fans of UANL Tigres to encourage their French legend André Pierre Gignac, is “Bomboro quina quina”, which he wrote to be popularized by La Sonora Santanera. Caribbean Legacy would include such songs as “Mr. Judge”, “Teach Yourself” and “La Trisha”.


Silly Brother and “Zamorita”, in ‘Los Polivoces’

According to information from the SACM (Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico), headed by Armando Manzarro, he was born Jorge Zamora Montalvo, born on April 19, 1928, in Havana, Cuba. He was fond of baseball and worked as a postman for a living. Survived by his son Rolando MontalvoWhich he conceived with his ex-wife Catalina Chávez.

In 2009 it was speculated that he was suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. (The same disease that Chris Hemsworth would have). Indeed, his partner accused him of abandonment for the long period of time that he kept disappearing. He was allegedly absent due to physical abuse from his partner, because In 2015, she took refuge in her daughter’s Montserrat home after being a victim of domestic violence., Until now it is unknown whether he had any disease and if he got divorced.

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