Lourdes Mungua: 3 flirty bikinis with which her figure stands out after 60 years

lourdes mungia Has made it clear on more than one occasion that age does not matter when it comes to continuing to show off with revealing outfits and that actress is one of those famous people who joins the list of goers. There are 60 years And they keep claiming to be lean and curvy figureWhich one? highlight with them flirty bikini Which crowns her as the queen of the genre.

In addition to his established career in television, Munguia Has gained more fame primarily on digital platforms Instagram and FacebookIn which she has thousands of followers whom she has captivated with her pretty face and twenty-something figure, however, her beauty had already been admired for many years, as confirmed by her appearances in magazines such as Playboy.

Lourdes Munguia highlights her figure in a bikini

In his official accounts of Meta Platforms, lourdes She constantly shares pictures with which she mesmerizes her fans, posing in outfits that are perfect to highlight her beauty and curves, but however she falls in love with her tight dresses or clothes with transparency Yes, it is her outfit for the beach with which she calls the shots. Manages to steal attention and on the network.

Lourdes Mungua conquers with her beauty. Photo: FB @lourdes.munguia.9465

with 484K followers in instagramLulu, as her fans and friends fondly call her, confirms that she is more popular every day, and she always loves her posts, as she earns praise and a large number of “likes” from her fans. who never misses an opportunity to show her your support with messages in which they agree that she retains her beauty and charisma.

At the age of 61, Munguia has been able to preserve figure Which he let us see in the beginning of his career and he definitely shows it with his pictures flirty bikiniWith whom she is not afraid to be seen and gives fashion lessons, as the designs are full of colors and shapes, some even defy the rules of famous designers who make sure that after 40 years no one can wear two-pieces. Swimsuit should not be worn. ,

This actress has a great body even at the age of 61. Photo: FB @lourdes.munguia.9465

lourdes, who will turn 62 next December, began her career in the movie “Amor a la Mexicana” in the late 70s, after participating in a beauty pageant that was looking for a woman who would compete in the national competition. Will represent the district. The first telenovela in which she participated was “Gabriel y Gabriela” in 1982, a melodrama that was followed by a long list of projects that consolidated her as one of the most beloved celebrities.

He is considered among the artists who show strong body even at the age of more than 60 years. Munguia compared to maribel guardiaWith whom in fact they have a long and solid friendship, as they have confirmed in their networks when taking pictures together, since it seems that both artists have the secret of eternal youth and by showing their perfect silhouettes in daring outfits Make an impact, like the bikinis they wear to crown them as the most beautiful.

It fascinates with its colorful and trendy bikini. Photo: FB @lourdes.munguia.9465

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Lourdes Mungua shines in a fitted colored dress and shows all her beauty

By the beach, Lourdes Mungua shows all her beauty in a nude dress

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