Lourdes Munguia is the prettiest 61 year old in a red dress that highlights her silhouette

Actress Lourdes Munguia Show it off best by showing all your beauty with the most beautiful and trendy outfits, such as red dress fitted with highlighting her silhouette and reaffirmed as most beautiful in 61 years,

mungua She has gained more fame on networks for a few months, mainly Instagram, where she has fascinated new people with her beautiful face and twenties figure, however, her fame and beauty have already been praised over the years. Which is why she is one of the famous people who have posed in magazines like Playboy.

Lourdes Munguia shows off all her beauty in a red dress

in your accounts instagram You Facebook Lourdes shared Video With which she delighted thousands of her followers, who did not stop sending her flattering messages, as the actress surely charmed her look, which is perfect for highlighting the female figure.

Lourdes falls in love in a tight red dress. Photo: IG @lourdes.munguia

“Hello! I was just passing you by to blow a kiss,” you can hear. mungua To go along with the clip that has generated thousands of “likes” and over 500 comments in which messages can be read highlighting her beauty and her eternal youth.

you can see in the image Lourdes facing the camera, sitting in a chair and showing off his curvy silhouette in a Tight Dress Long sleeves, which thanks to its design perfectly fits the figure of the actress, ruining the elegance of her outfit.

“The most beautiful woman in the universe, she has been my crush since she was 10 years old”, “my impossible love, always beautiful”, “what a beautiful woman I am in love with her beauty”, “like this or more” perfect!!!” And “Always looking beautiful” are some of the messages received for her publication on the meta platform, where she has 481 thousand followers.

It adds style with its tailored outfits. Photo: IG @lourdes.munguia

Lourdes He started his career in the late 70s with the film “Amor a la Mexicana”. The first telenovela he participated in was “Gabriel y Gabriela” in 1982, a melodrama followed by a long list of projects that consolidated him as one of the most beloved celebrities.

Considered among the artists who have displayed a great physique over the age of 60, mungua has been compared to maribel guardiaWith whom they have a long friendship, as both artists seem to be the secret of eternal youth and create an impact by showing their perfect silhouettes in daring outfits.

They are very good friends and both have conquered their more than 60 years. Photo: IG @lourdes.munguia

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