Lucero and Mijares’ son steals eyes at his parents’ concert

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Although it has always been Lucerito Mijares who has shown a willingness to follow in the footsteps of his famous parents, now it is his brother Jose Manuel Mijares who stole the look At one of the Lucero and Mijares concerts.

and that The young man, transformed into a heartbeat, was present during one of the concerts that the couple performed in Toren, where he conquered public singing with his parents, although not right in front of the stage.

The 20-year-old was caught by one of the attendees behind the scenes singing the song “Privilege to Love”. Along with Lucero and Mijares, stealing one-on-one’s attention.


in addition to highlighting Jose Manuel Mijares did not fail to congratulate the fans of his parents, That they managed to recognize him among the production team, because it should be remembered that the young man always prefers to be behind the scenes.

Although Lucero and Mijares have shared some videos showcasing their son’s talent, It is well known that he prefers to stay away from limelight.

We share the moment Jose Manuel Mijares stole the look:

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