Lucia Mendez was questioned about the Veronica Castro scandal: “I have a granddaughter”

Both are considered to be the greatest stars of Mexican television (Photos: GettyImages, Instagram/_amadaverocastro)

rivalry between Lucia Mendez You Veronica Castro Widely known, and although both celebrities have a long history of nearly five decades among national and international entertainers, They have never been seen sharing any event or project.

The confrontation between the two is said to have started when, in their youth, the two considered appearing in an advertisement, however, at the last minute. place He chose only Veronica, to the fury of Lucia Méndez, who wanted to star in audiovisual material.

Another version suggests that both figures distanced themselves because Both had an affair with Argentine actor Jorge Martinez.Although at different times, that would have prompted him to compete on an individual and then professional level.

The two stars have starred in a rivalry for decades. "in real life" (Photo: File)
The two stars have starred in a rivalry “in real life” for decades (Photo: FILE)

After many years, the celebrities are currently not related, although the media asks each other about the old rivalry. It happened this Tuesday, October 11, because the journalists of don’t like gossip There was an interview with Lucia Mendez, which He asked her about the scandal that her “eternal rival” was going through.

And the thing is that a few days ago journalist George Carbajal had spread this information that Veronica Castro used to hold virtual meetings with her fans via ZoomIt would be nothing strange if it were not for the fact that his fans were only young women.

The reporter revealed on his YouTube channel called One blow! that, after reviewing probably about six hours of audiovisual material that he was able to obtain, he was able to see that in the few moments of dialogue that took place late into the night and early morning, Veronica may have played an “adult” theme with the teens.

Lucia declined to comment on the controversy surrounding Castro (Photo: Instagram / @luciamendezof @vrocastroficial)
Lucia declined to comment on the controversy surrounding Castro (Photo: Instagram / @luciamendezof @vrocastroficial)

According to Carbajal, the lead actress in telenovelas likes rich people cry too You wild Rose I would have touched on the topic of masturbation with young womenwhom he allegedly asked to send them pictures pajamas,

Also, Veronica may have commented on actor Gabriel Soto’s intimate video with girls that leaked to the Internet a few years ago, which she called inappropriate and wrong. Despite the fact that some of the young women publicly confirmed that they had indeed had lengthy conversations with Veronica, they assured that Conversations were always handled with respect And in them she talks about her soap operas, her encounters with other celebrities and other topics related to the 69-year-old actress’s career.

Although Castro came out to defend himself against what Carbajal disclosed and to deny the allegations, one of the young women admitted that Hero on more than one occasion valentina This made him uncomfortable.

Journalist Jorge Carbajal claims to have evidence of alleged conversations "Dirty" Between Veronica and the teen (Photo: Instagram @jorgitocarbajal//@vricastroficial)
Journalist Jorge Carbajal claims to have evidence of alleged “racial” interactions between Veronica and the teen (Photo: Instagram @jorgitocarbajal//@vricastroficial)

Now, about Veronica Castro’s status, Lucia Méndez was questioned on the show program, and although she was reluctant to comment, she showed what she thought about the rough topic and admitted that Instead of his ally, I would never have discussed these topics with minors.

“The truth is I’m not aware, so I say, I was there, and I know perfectly well, no, I don’t know, very difficult topic for me to answerThe truth is I prefer not to give an opinion, the subject is too delicate, I think It’s too hot, everything’s too hot and I’m reallyI don’t dare comment anything,” said the self-styled “Diva of Mexico”.

At the insistence of Javier Ceriani and Alyssa Beristane, whether she would interact with underage fans, Famous replied: “I can negotiate but ‘Thank you my queen, you like my song'”.

The actress recently participated in the reality show 'Cimpre Queens' (Photo: Instagram/@luciamendezof)
The actress recently participated in the reality show ‘Cimpre Queens’ (Photo: Instagram/@luciamendezof)

After that, the journalist insisted and asked what he would do if he was talking to his fans, commenting on Gabriel Soto’s video, and such a hero. The strange return of Diana Salazari: “Never, never, never, no, no, no, I certainly don’t think I can do that, no, My granddaughter, how do you feel?The one who is going to be three years old and the one who is one month old, I could never do that.

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