Lucia Mendez’s unexpected confession about the day she met Pablo Escobar in his dressing room

There are many stories from the surroundings about drug traffickers and actresses who have crossed paths with some of them, this is the case. pablo escobar and Lucia Mendez. There is a Netflix series that started a few days ago titled “always queens”, composed of artists Laura Zapata, Lorena Herrera, Sylvia Pascal and myself Lucia Mendez,

Starting from the first chapter the actress appears Lucia Mendez Recalling the occasion he met Pablo Escobar, he was looking for the wardrobe he was going to wear. star ofalways queens“Comments this can happen to anyone, you never know who’s going to hire you. Once in Medellin they hired me for a private party and The atmosphere was strange, I think there were drug smugglers because everything was very strange.

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