Luis de Alba has a daughter who is out of wedlock and he met her as an adult: “Is this thing my dad?”

Luis de Alba lived in a love affair on the beaches of Acapulco, where his daughter Stephanie was born (Photo: Twitter)

veteran comedian louis of albas He was surprised to learn that he had a daughter, of whom he himself was not aware of his existence until a few years ago. It was in an encounter with the cameras of happy comeWeekend Edition, where the actors behind characters like “Juan Camane” and “El Maus Crispin” told about the existence of his daughterJoe currently resides out of Mexico, and was born after the actor’s first three children.

“I have a daughter who lives in England and I’ve only seen her once in my life, because her father, who is married to her mother, is English and of first economic status. She she is twenty eight years old and very beautiful”, expressed the 77-year-old actor.

Also known as “El Hermano sol”, Luis remarked that it was a few years before the young woman had traveled the country to meet him and that Stephanie – the maiden name – when he saw her in person was the Got upset. “She wanted to meet me when she was twenty, I had never seen her. She came with her father. She kept looking at me like, ‘Is this my father?‘” the actor said with a laugh.

Recently, Luis de Alba said that he was the creator of the word NACO (Photo: Instagram/@nochedebuenastv)
Recently, Luis de Alba said that he was the creator of the word NACO (Photo: Instagram/@nochedebuenastv)

And it is that D’Alba revealed that he had met his daughter’s mother on vacation in Acapulco in his youth, although he never found out that the woman had become pregnant, as it was a casual one-night relationship. Currently, the beloved comedian has no communication with his daughter’s mother or the young woman.

“It was in a Spring Break, They came from university in a group and we came together, we invited them to Acapulco, party, sand, cover the moon. Already in the sea, full of life, We wet our lips with alcoholic drinks Almost all night and then waves and I don’t know how it happened, but it happened. I didn’t think it would stickBut it got caught and I didn’t know until later,” the actor said.

The iconic comedian has remained in the public’s taste since debuting in the telenovela gutieritosAnd he has since developed his career in comedy with iconic characters that are already a classic on the Mexican screen.

One of his most famous characters is “El Piruris”, Parody of a young upper class Mexican who always shows off his luxury and underestimate others, one of his hallmarks was to call those whom he considered least “Nakos”And over time the term, coined at a party without expecting it, soon gained great acceptance in Mexican homes.

More recently, d’Alba claims to have invented the controversial term, which is used to reduce people in a classist and racist way: “No (it existed), I invented it, it’s in the dictionary too”, he said in an interview with the popular youtuber Golden Scorpion.

“Classists fell in mom. I’m from Lagunilero, Tepitano and Garibaldano, with, well, you know, brave soldiers. So, I started parodying those kinds of waves and that’s how I kept it. He used the word ‘chundo’ to talk about what Nako is, but he was a classist.”, actors abound.

He later specified that the word ‘nako’ originated in “a tree for him*”, from which he would go: “always paid* are creative”, he insisted amid laughter with the name of the content creator, Alex Montiel.

“It is already commonly used to say ‘you are unworthy’. (…) the word is born (nako), character is born (piruris), then there are people who are called nako do not like”, he said.

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