Luis Fonsi Didn’t Finish His Karma Payoff For What He Did To Admari Lopez

Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi and Adamari Lopez were one of the most beloved couples of the nineties, their romance sparked more than one sigh, but the relationship ended; But the worst came later as Admari told in her books how she had to deal with this separation.

What caused Luis Fonsi to remain as the film’s villain was because he would have been unfaithful to the presenter, other than the fact that he would have told her that “he doesn’t want her as a woman” so that those years in criticism didn’t wait..

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But everything came up again as Luis Fonsi wanted to jokingly respond to a tweet in which he was compared to one of the characters in the new series La Casa del Dragoon, in which “How I Hate You Luis Fonsi” There was text. A photo of actor Fabian Frenell, playing the role of head Kristen Cole. And the Despacito singer shared the tweet and replied: “I’m a good person when I take off my armor” which sparked a dozen reactions against him.

Luis Fonsi wanted to be funny and it went wrong

And this is what the public does not forget. And among the answers given to the singer, there are comments such as: “But erotic, you left a man who was going through a super serious illness because he lost a breast , The person you said love, if that doesn’t make you a bad person, I don’t know what does? , “You Hate Me” among others. Demonstrating that they still do not forgive him for what happened to Admari Lopez.

[‘Respuesta al tuit de Luis Fonsi’]

Reply to Luis Fonsi’s Tweet

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