Luis Miguel breaks his commitment to Paloma Cuevas and returns with a famous ex

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that’s all it tells luis miguelo broke up with Pigeon CavesAfter giving her the engagement ring a month ago. Mickey is now related to his ex-girlfriend, molly goldwho is his chorus girl.

After a two-year romance with an Argentine model and nutritionist mercedes villador, The singer ended her romantic relationship to begin dating her partner Paloma Cuevas, who claimed her commitment through her social networks, but everything indicates that things have changed for the couple.

According to a show on YouTube, “Sun of Mexico” left Spain to go live in Miami And thus begins a relationship with Molly Gould, with whom he dated in 2021.


,luis miguelo He wanted to spend the summer in Spain, he left for four months and now that it’s over, he returned to Miami to never return, said Javier Ceriani, an Argentine journalist of “Gossip No Like”.

molly gold He was on tour in the United States, but when Luis Miguel returned from his trip to Spain with Paloma Cuevas they reunited and he decided to end his romance with Cuevas in order to start dating his showgirl. with whom he has a very special relationship. ,

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