Madonna looks unrecognizable in new image and is compared to a boiled egg

The Queen of Pop has a lot to talk about with her appearance that reminds us of Lilo from ‘The Fifth Element’.

Over the weekend, Madonna uploaded a Tik Tok that went unnoticed on social media. If we’re being honest, he no longer looks like we met many years ago. Many people on Twitter also made fun of his unrecognizable face. The queen of pop, who once kissed Britney Spears throughout the MTV Music Awards, changed her blonde appearance for a more futuristic one, they even compare her to the characters fifth element,

The first thing that came to light was his alleged declaration of homosexuality., But this is questionable enough and only lends itself to speculation, as she only gave up underwear saying “If I fail, I’m gay.” Nothing concrete, even so, that these kinds of jokes would be more cancelable than supposedly coming out of the closet, the way Real Madrid’s exporter, Iker Casillas, said he had to tweet. He was gay after he was hacked.

Anyway, Madonna’s transformation has given women a lot more to talk about than just declare their tastes. Ever since she began to shed her cool blonde image, Her cosmetic surgery has disfigured her face To the extent that his fans compare him to the characters in Luc Besson’s future film, a cult following for the careers of Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovic, Chris Tucker and Gary Oldman.


He believes that Madonna has already overtaken the surgery.

In general, this comparison has been made for face and hair. ,What if filming the second part of Madonna fifth element And we’re judging without knowing“@noseniqdecirte tweeted an image of a creature. Later, with pink hair, when declaring her homosexuality, there was no shortage of someone who mentioned Lilo, Jovovic’s character, who has orange hair. marked a trend the year the tape came out, 1997.

Madonna looks like this now

“Looks like a boiled egg”, British news portal Metro disqualified. In her post, many jokes of her operation not as lucky as Megan Fox or Eiza Gonzalez have been praised, who have undergone aesthetic procedures with practical results. Whatever the case, this type of comparison only shows that 25 years after its release, fifth element It’s still a lot of context, with even the Wachowski sisters repeating some form.

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