Madonna may have confirmed that she is gay and social networks exploded

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Finally, after so many years of speculation, the mother of jesus Could confirm that he is gay. He recently posted a video on Tiktok suggesting this.

Over the years, since it was their golden age, It was said that he could be gay or bisexual. known as the “Queen of Pop”, published a short clip on the TikTok platform, where Participated in a trend where you have to throw something in the basket and mention what happens if it comes in.

The famous singer tossed underwear with the legend “If I Fell I’m Gay” in the trash and what do you think happened? Exactly, he didn’t go to the basket. In the next shot it returns to Madonna who shrugs off such a revelation and walks away regardless.

His millions of followers around the world say that after so many years of speculation and even the scenes where he kisses women, he has finally accepted it. really For this type of action, it came as no surprise to his fans, it was only confirming what had long been suspected.

but Some others have mentioned that Madonna hasn’t actually confirmed anything., because they only participated in the trend of social networks. Will this be their way of officially revealing it or will it be a simple viral game?

Since her great time in the ’80s, Madonna has been suspected of belonging to the LGBTIQ+ community; However, when she was young, these topics were not openly talked about and were even taboo. Although she’s always been unrepentant, the famous woman who is now 64 has apparently confirmed the suspicions of millions after a publicly-acted kiss with actors like Tokischa, Christina Aguilera, Britney SpearsNicki Minaj and others.

Watch Madonna’s video on Tiktok

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