Madonna unrecognizable in new photos: “What happened to her face?”

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followers of the mother of jesus they are worried “What happened to his face?”, after appearing unrecognizable In new pictures. The singer shared a series of images on her social network in which she is seen without a single wrinkle.

It is nothing new that Madonna is on everyone’s lips, as she has been since the beginning of her artistic career, and now although she is already 64 years old, she will not stop being like that. From her wardrobe, songs and performances, the singer has left everyone with her mouth wide open, this time it is her surgery that has given people something to talk about.

In recent years, Madonna has been looking much younger and has shown that she still has the same rebellious spirit she had when she began her career in the early 1980s. Through her official Instagram account, the singer stays close to her fans Sharing your day to day with them.

Between publications, interviews and her musical projects with intense parties, Madonna updates her profile with photos in which she is seen flaunting her figure. But it was in her most recent post where the singer He made a great outlook on his face, which worried his followers,

“What have you done to the real Madonna?”, “No, darling. You’re getting too old on the outside, Filters do nothing to you anymore“”, “oldest teen”, “What happened to his face?”, and “menopause can take strange forms, this is one of them”, his followers wrote.

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