Magali Chavez reacts to aggression already inflicted by Alfredo Adames

Alfredo Adam was beaten up and his ex-girlfriend reacts to the attack

on 28 september, alfredo adame He alerted his Instagram followers as he was injured and one side of his face was bleeding.

While the video of the incident in which they killed a policeman And the actor was beaten up, Adam’s ex-girlfriend, magali chavezzoshared that he was coming to the facilities of image television For an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

It wasn’t until the night that the model released her opinion of her former partner’s serious injuries. She revealed her impressions on Instagram during a question and answer in which someone questioned her “Do you like what happened to Adam today? They hit him”.

Instagram/@adamereacciona and @magaly_chavezoficial

In this regard, Magali answered the following and showed that They have already parted ways with the bitter way they ended their relationship al interior del reality I’m famous get me out of here!

“Excuse me? Is this question serious? I will never be happy for someone else’s misfortune, whatever it is, never in life, I think that’s what this world needs, to be a little more empathetic and take the other person’s place.” To be able to take. Trust me, I don’t want that on anyone, not at all, this is a question where I say ‘Absolutely not’, I will never be happy or happy about what happened, the one that Also, I’m not talking about that anymore, whatever. Whoever”

Maggie Chavez reveals what she thinks about the incident that Adam suffered, continues to answer anonymous questions her fans have asked her, in one of them she clarified that her former partner and He no longer has contact or is looking for each other. network social.

Another person who took his stand on the matter was Gustavo Adolfo Infante during his program. In early September, Alfredo Adam launched himself against presenter and He even asked to be removed from televisionGiven this, many thought the show host might have had something to do with aggression, in this regard, the drivers of first hand Said the following:

Now that Alfredo Edem has just been beaten, many people are pointing at me, telling me: ‘Hey, Gustavo…’, I didn’t go, eh, I didn’t. I give you my word luckily I was in the airBecause he is able to say that I have ordered to beat him”.

Despite the fact that Carlos Trejo, Adam’s main rival, has kept his social networks silent, Fofo Marquez and Ray Grupero He did not hesitate to make fun of the presenter, although he later deleted his comments.

Although the soap opera actor at the time explained that “some thugs” had beaten him, on 29 September he revealed that the aggression would have settled the accounts, because He already knew one of his attackers.

On the other hand, alfredo adame He reappeared a day after the attacks in the neighborhood where he lives, Fuentes de Teppán, Tallapán City Hall, Mexico City. Through one of his Instagram stories, he shared with his followers that he has four facial fractures (one inner and three outer), but it is constant.

Adam has four fractures to his face after the beating (Photo: Instagram/@adamereacciona)
Adam has four fractures to his face after the beating (Photo: Instagram/@adamereacciona)

former magazine show host barge reported on social networks that on Wednesday, 28 September the relevant study could not be done due to acute inflammation of his eye, it was in a instastory In which he is seen without bandage for the first time. “No more than four fractures, guys”Above the video can be read with a text.

In his message, the controversial soap opera actor thanked him for the medical care he received after wound on face And also confirmed the possibility that his retina may have detached:

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