Maite Peroni and Andres Tovar share a photo from their wedding with a tender text

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After a hasty courtship begins, Maite Peroni and Andrés Tovar managed to reach the altar and fulfill their dream of becoming husband and wife.

It was through her Instagram account that the actress shared the first photo from her wedding in Valle de Bravo this afternoon.

“We did it. Taking the first steps of the life that we want to make together… Surrounded by our family and the hand of God, we find a blessing today. In taking the steps that cement our path through it Glad to be able plane in which we managed to coincide and fate gave us”, wrote Mitte in the publication that already has hundreds of “likes”.

BeMaite Perroni and Andrés Tovar got married today in Valle de Bravo.

In a video shared on Shamonic’s Instagram account, the couple can be seen thanking their friends and family for attending the ceremony.

“It’s a blessing, and it was very important to us that the people we love most were with us tonight… we’re happy, happy, glad they’re with us and they’ve stayed here.” We are infinitely grateful to have seen all the efforts made for you”, Andres can be seen saying.

While Mite mentions: “Thank you very much, it is a very important day for us, very special, full of emotion. I deeply thank you all for being here, for your time.” Thank you for your place, for coming, for being close, for their love and for being a witness to this love story.”

Maite Peroni and Andrés thanked their guests.

“Congratulations”, “Blessings”, “So happy for you”, “Many congratulations. Blessings and love always in your marriage”, “Many congratulations my friend, long time love”, were some of the messages that the couple received.

However, what caught attention was that the couple had said that they would get married on October 9th, and not on the 8th, so some people believe that it is likely. Maite Peroni and Andres Tovaro This could have been done a few days earlier.

What unusual wedding gift did Maite Peroni and Andrés Tovar ask for?

The couple chose Valle de Bravo to celebrate their marriage, which was only done by Citizen, however, according to a comment by Alejandro Zuniga on his YouTube channel, the couple may have made a special request to their guests.

“They are going to get married in a civilized manner, as reported. On the agenda is to sign in front of a notary at 1:30 pm, then to continue with a reception which, as intended, will last until dawn ,” They said. Comment about the function.

Among the guests were only family members and close friends of the couple, who were asked to undergo a PCR test a few hours before entering the hotel to avoid the spread of COVID-19 as a wedding gift.

The couple announced their commitment three weeks ago via their social network, where they shared a series of snapshots of the two in a helicopter.

“I have never felt so much love, certainty and happiness. I love you, the love of my life,” wrote Maite Peroni in the image, with which she clarified that Andres Tovar is the love of her life.

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