Make Money With TikTok: The App Pays You If You Log In Every Day

Tiktok has launched a campaign which includes Pay up to 7 euros to new users who register and log in for seven consecutive days In the social network, which is called Tiktok Now, in addition influential people They are offered a commission of up to seven euros for each member they recruit.

The Tiktok Now campaign officially started on November 8, but recently it went viral among internet users. It is indicated in the terms and conditions of the application that interested parties who register will receive financial bonus If they log in for a whole week.

Notably, each day, the platform will offer them a different payment; That is, 0.7 euros will be given to the first one, 1.5 euros to the second, 0.7 euros to the third to the sixth, two euros to the seventh and seven euros will be deposited on the last day.

No need to post content To earn money, however, the Terms and Conditions document states that users must 18. be older than To participate.

The social network enters funds through bank transfers and electronic services, taking into account that the minimum amount to request a transfer of funds is 50 cents.

Twitter users have started a movement under the hashtag #YoMigroAMastodon.

To facilitate the viralization of the campaign ending on 13th December, The application has facilitated payment of commission For users who manage to register their friends on the platform. The bonus is two euros and five euros for each registration if you log in continuously.

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