Make two trips at 130 kmph: This is the Chinese flying car being tested in Dubai

Chinese company Xpeng has made its debut in Dubai vertical take-off electric vehicle (eVTOL) for two people called ‘X2’.

During the GITEX Global Edition (the world’s largest technology fair), innovation took a short flight autonomously without passengers, after completing a risk assessment and obtaining a special flight permit from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

The X2 is the fifth generation of the company’s flying car concept, with eight propellers eight independent electric motorsIt is battery powered and uses ‘distributed electric propulsion’ (DEP) as its propulsion system.

If we talk about its main technical characteristics, then the vehicle is a . Reaches upto Maximum speed of 130 kmphOne 35 minutes of autonomyCan fly at an altitude of 1,000 metres, weighs 560 kg and is made from aluminum and carbon fiber.

With regards to its minimalist design, the flying car is like a tearA tablet is included between the two seats to provide a driving interface and allow takeoff or landing operations, and in addition, there is a computer responsible for autonomous planning of the flight path.

In particular, the X2 will be used for short-haul urban flights and emergency medical transport in the future. for now, Price not yet confirmedBut it is estimated that it will be between 150,000 and 250,000 euros.

Example of what the company's flying taxi would look like.

Will there be a sixth generation?

The following Xpeng can model: drive by road and air, as it will have a system of turning and opening the wheels and motors. There will be other updates environmental perception system And it will have a steering wheel for driving and a lever for flight mode.

Next patent model.
Next patent model.

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