Makers of Thermomix now face Dyson: They launch a vacuum cleaner that automatically detects floor changes

Vorworks (manufacturer of Thermomix food processors) offers a list of cleaning equipment, including New Kobold VK7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner To clean various surfaces.

Kobold works on VK7 four power levelsIt has a turbo option, maximum suction power is 21 l/s, it is compatible with many accessories, includes sensors that Automatically detect surface type and adjust the cleaning parameters to improve its performance.

Other features are ergonomics and comfort, thanks to its vertical parking and folding handle which reduces its size, weighs around 2.5 kg, has a 78 dBa. acoustic emission of less thanIts battery is high-performance and removable, and includes a ‘Vacuum & Mop SP’ module that vacuums any floor in a single pass.

The device also features a rotating smart screen on the front of the handle. Can connect with MyKobold App To provide customizable cleaning settings. From the screen, users will see settings for the selected power level, battery and filter bag status, warnings and possible errors.

The filter bag has four layers and r . is made ofContains 99.99% fine dust particlesAlso, filtered air is 850 times cleaner than natural air.

Kobold VK7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.
Kobold VK7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

The new Kobold VK7 with its accessories can now be bought in Spain:

  • Kobold Essentials (Vacuum Cleaner + Corner Accessories HD7) by 695 €.
  • Kobold Duo 1 (Kobold Essentials VK7 + Multifloor and Carpet Module) by 995 €,
  • Kobold Duo 2 (Kobold Essentials VK7+ Vacuum and Mop Module) by 995 €,

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