Mako from Japan and her common husband change their lives in New York

Japan’s Mako stopped being a princess and now life smiles at her with Kei (Photo: Nicolas Datiche/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

Life smiles at Mako from Japan and it is that she was brave, she chose a true and selfless love, relinquished the privileges belonging to the royalty of the Japanese country and so I am glad that things are getting better and better for her.

Mako is the first daughter of Prince Fumihito who is the country’s emperor’s brother. Apparently Mako makes Emperor Naruhito’s niece. She could never be Emperor of Japan because archaic law prevented women from ascending the throne, even if they were in the line of succession.

Young Mako has shown no interest in the prized throne of chrysanthemums and, in fact, in his aristocratic life as a member of the royal family. Actually, the former princess had resigned from her post for the love of a common man.

Her husband, Kei Komuro, makes her much happier than the life salary she had due to her as a princess or at the Imperial Palace away from the luxuries, service personnel, and mad rush of society.

Mako gives up all the comforts of a lifetime to marry Kei and live together in the Big Apple, New York City, where they have been living for almost a year. Her plans were clear, before moving on, she would practice there as a lawyer and she would practice as a museologist.

Mako was able to practice his profession in the United States and, in fact, he currently works at the famous Metropolitan Museum. However, Kei was opposed to a pending account that would not allow them to exercise and, therefore, could affect the couple’s economy as their salaries would be low.

Kei Komuro (R) with his wife and former Princess Mako Komuro (L), the elder daughter of Prince Akishino of Japan and Princess Kiko, walks to the departure gate for their flight to New York in Haneda, Tokyo International on November 14, 2021 Airport.  (Photo by Philip Fong/AFP) (Photo by Philip Fong/AFP via Getty Images)

Mako and Kei’s departure from the country caused a stir in Japanese society (Photo by Philip Fong / AFP) (Photo by Philip Fong / AFP via Getty Images)

Kei graduated in May last year and began working at the law firm Lowenstein Sandler LLP, but that didn’t mean he could practice his profession, but he missed a step.

The good news is that for the third time Lucky and Komuro have managed to pass the necessary exams to be able to become a lawyer in America, so now he and Mako are a happy working couple ready to take on the world in their lovely New York . ,

I like that those who take risks do well in life and of course in the balance of luck they lose a lot by giving their money to Mako, moreover, this will affect their future children, If Kei and Mako have children, they will be considered normal and not part of the royal family because even if they are by blood, they will not be able to reach the chrysanthemum throne if they are male.

Now that Kei has managed to pass the so-called ‘bar exam’, there was no better news at the gates of his first wedding anniversary. With two decent salaries and a normal life in the city, both of you will be able to enjoy the honey of oblivion without the burden and heavy responsibilities, which means the burden of royal institution is on your back.

His life in the American country is at its most regular and ordinary, without luxuries or pretentiousness., They live in an apartment in Manhattan and usually go shopping and take long walks in the streets and parks like any other couple., After ten years of relationship and one marriage, it more than proves that Mako wanted a life of another kind, one that is finally living away from Japan.

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