Mala Rodríguez: bikini and transparency, these are the 8 most risky pictures of the singer on social networks

At the age of 43 the Garland Rodriguez has shown that to stay young you have to be active in every way. In his case, he always has a great attitude and is working on his music and productions. But his story is not a new one, as he has been on stage since the age of 19, when he had a clear idea of ​​what he wanted to do with his life, something that has been given to him by Shakti over time of his voice

who was born in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, spainNever thought of entering the world of music, as apart from maintaining his studies he worked as an aerobics teacher (today Health), waitresses and even a cleaning staff, always with the best attitude. For this reason she met people with whom she was encouraged to try her hand at rap and later, with some practice, formed a duet with them. mc the raven, Together they sang some songs and even made appearances.

first disc of Garland Rodriguez arrived at the beginning of the millennium under the name “luxury Iberian” With which he had brutal success. As a result, he took home a gold record, an award that many artists seek from their work. Likewise, he continued to work, saying what he thought, because it was the epitome of the musical genre. part. even his song video Nina“It was censored on several television networks for showing the story of a minor dealing with drug trafficking.

Mala Rodriguez, born in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain (Photo: IG @malarodriguez)

Maria Rodriguez GarridoThe real name of the rapper, album published in 2007 “malamarismowhere they collaborated Juliet venegas, This calderone why Calle 13, This made many people who didn’t know her turn up to see her work and have since fallen in love with this girl who isn’t afraid to say what she feels and thinks. For this reason, she remains very active on her social network, where she shares a part of her personal and professional life. In the same way, he consents his followers with daring images where he shows his sculpted figure of the Greek goddess.

Mala Rodriguez was a waitress and aerobics teacher (Photo: IG @malarodriguez)

Mala Rodriguez and her fabulously risky photos

Garland Rodriguez, who has almost more than one and a half million followers on Instagram, always tries to give her best so that she feels proud of the artist that she is. Part of the activities she shares are her physical exercises to maintain her lean figure which has broken many hearts. Likewise, her vacation trips where she relaxes and even does yoga to feel good and be grateful for life.

La Mala Rodriguez formally began her artistic career at the age of 19 (Photo: IG @malarodriguez)
Mala Rodriguez is very active on her social network (Photo: IG @malarodriguez)

It is precisely in these kinds of scenarios or at the swimming pool where she has been daring, as she seems to expend a great deal of energy in her activities and takes her well-deserved breaks in daring attire. Suffice it to recall that he made his debut as a writer in the middle of last year after publishing “How to be Bad”, where he chronicles his memories and touches on complex topics such as music, drugs and sex ; She also revealed that she had an abortion.

La Mala Rodriguez challenges Instagram’s censorship with her photos (Photo: IG @malarodriguez)
Mala Rodriguez is a yoga lover (Photo: IG @malarodriguez)

it is like Garland Rodriguez He has matured with time and it shows with each of his posts (and his music lyrics). On Instagram, all her fans thank her for daring to wear different outfits as she looks radiant than ever. She’s happy she does to maintain that contact and move forward together in that relationship of love and sometimes hate.

La Mala Rodriguez sometimes publishes images where she paralyzes entire social networks (Photo: IG @malarodriguez)
Mala Rodriguez always wears elegant clothes (Photo: IG @malarodriguez)

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