“Malcolm in the Middle”: Eric Per Sullivan, the chilling theory about Little Davy’s disappearance

If there is one series that has marked generations in Mexico and the world, it is Malcolm in the middle (Malcolm in the middle), who became a resounding success due to his logic and made-up cast, which was led by Bryan Cranston, Jane Kazmarek, Frankie Muniz, Justin Berfield, Christopher Masterson and Eric Per Sullivan,

More than 20 years after the premiere of the Fox broadcast, which ended in 2006 after seven seasons, fans still have questions about, most often, what happened to Eric Per Sullivan, the actor who gave life to the younger Davy,

And it is that during the cast reunion, the actor was not present, so heThere have been many theories about his sudden disappearance. of media.

One of them being that he had died, which was quickly disproved by his former teammates, the other claimed that acting from an early age led him to hate what he did, so he took his own life. focused on living in private.

However, one that immediately caused controversy is that dear Davy had fallen in love with his brother in the series, frankie munizzoSo when he came to know, he asked her to go away.

“Malcolm” recently gave an interview where he revealed more about his partner, with whom he, in his own words, formed a great friendship.

“To be honest, I don’t know what he’s doing. I hate to say that because I’ve talked to him many times since the show ended. I’ve talked to his parents a lot. When he was in the band we went to the town where he lives and his parents came to the show but unfortunately he couldn’t make it.“, Told.

“But one thing I do know, some actors or some people did it when they were kids and then they wanted to experience other things and live a normal life out of the spotlight. I think that’s what they want to do.” Wanted, good for him.”

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